Seal Hunt

Nov. 14th, 2009 01:53 pm
shadowfireflame: (Default)
Still researching cod when I came upon the seal hunt. It is actually quite difficult to find a website that supports the killing of baby harp seals, which I've heard is a very profitable enterprise that helps some fishermen keep afloat (to be punny), makes Canada a lot of money in exports (mainly to Japan, which still likes seal pelts and thinks their oil is an aphrodisiac?), helps to cull a booming population of seal, and thus aids in keeping fish stocks high. On the other side, the practice is awfully gruesome because clubbing seals (which is more humane: one blow kills them) was considered too gross, so now they shoot them with guns, which means that they rarely kill them with one blow, meaning that the agony is prolonged and the baby seals often roll around in their blood, slowly bleeding to death on the ice. I just wish there were a more balanced view. Everything I read seems to be written with an agenda in mind: "Balanced Facts on the Seal Hunt: Stop this Horrific Practice!" is not what I would consider actually balanced reporting. How about "Balanced Facts on the Seal Hunt: Really, Balanced Facts. Choose For Yourself."?

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