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Short version: aaaaaaaahhhhh, omg, this was sooooo much fun. I really enjoyed the first one, but this was was even better, and that’s rare for a sequel. Non-stop action, great character moments, and fabulous acting by both Martin and Benedict. Go, go, go!

And now the super-spoilery rambling version:

Please don’t read until you’ve seen the movie! I don’t censor myself at all! )

Can’t wait for the third movie!

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Oh my god, you guys, there is a livestream from The Hobbit premiere right now. Apparently Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Orlando Bloom, as well as other actors, are going to be there!!! *excited*

EDIT: All done now, and it was great! Benedict wore, like, a red velvet tux that was great and perfect for the dragon Smaug! :) I'd recommend this clip where Benedict pinches Martin and then flicks him off to say hi. Their chemistry continues offscreen, clearly, ahahaha. :D
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I’ll admit to feeling excited but also a bit apprehensive about watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey because I am such a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It literally changed my life. That movie and all its homoeroticism and hurt/comfort elements were what caused me to seek out fandom before I even knew what fan fiction was; I just knew I wanted more, and the movies had whetted my appetite for content that the original novels left me wanting. So how can a prequel ever measure up?

Well, it really can’t, quite, but I believe that it has come as damn close as possible while still being, you know, a representation of another novel. I loved it.

Major Hobbity spoilers; please watch the movie first! )

So, yeah, I loved this movie and am going to see it again very soon and can’t wait for the sequel. A whole year?!?!

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Having pretty much exhausted a large chunk of Benedict Cumberbatch’s filmography, I found myself almost unconsciously gravitating to the other half of the Sherlock duo, Martin Freeman, and watching works in which he stars. Obviously I haven’t seen as many of his roles as I have BC’s, but I’ve seen enough that I’d like to keep track of them in a list. Um, please rec me your favorites that I haven’t watched yet?

Cut for my thoughts on his roles, fangirling, and some plot spoilers. )

If you can’t tell, I’m very, very much looking forward to the release of the first of the upcoming Hobbit trilogy in, oh, ten days. :)

(Uhhhhh, by the way, in Benedict news: the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser poster is out now. Benedict is on it. Benedict is the only one on it, looking badass and Sherlockian in front of a crumbling London. This movie is going to kill me, isn’t it…MY BOYS ARE ALL GROWN UP AND MAJOR MOVIE STARS NOW.)
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Thanks so much to [ profile] karadin for this, otherwise I would have missed them entirely, but:

The first trailer for The Hobbit is out! (So many dwarf names to remember...)

The four BBC Sherlock Season 2 trailers are out!

That nosebleed you're having isn't because of the dryness of winter. You can blame too much simultaneous fangirling. SQUEE!!! I can't wait for these to be released!

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