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Younger me could never have foreseen this post and would have recommended institutionalization had someone tried to suggest to her that one day she'd be typing up her reasons for reading about fictional guys having ass babies...and yet, I regret nothing. :D

In response to the lovely [ profile] lobelia321's request to explain mpreg, I typed up some awesome stories I love that are mpreg (male pregnancy; guys having babies), as well as the reasons why I like it so much, so I thought I'd share them here while I have it all coded out! I know lots of people don't like the trope, but here are my reasons. :)

Cut so as to not squick people :) )

Hope this helps those mildly interested in the trope? Veterans should please let me know any fics in these fandoms with a heavy mpreg element that I've missed! :)

P.S. There's an LJ Friending Meme going on right now! My comment thread is here. :D

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(Reposting here in one organized list because I'm sick of all the clutter on the sticky post. Also I fixed my tags, haha.)

I’m a big fan of Harry and Draco, so most (read: all) of my fic recs will feature one of them in a prominent role. Here are some of my favorite fics in the fandom, ones that I’ve read over and over again and can’t seem to stop reading, sorted by pairing. Some are quite dark, so do be careful. Please let me know if the links aren’t working or if you would like to rec something! When I can get it, I prefer dark, novel-length action/adventure with hurt/comfort and steamy bottom!Draco sex (or threesomes; I like threesomes), but I’ll read anything with good characterization of Harry and (especially) Draco. :)

  • Harry/Draco fic recs: (part 1) (part 2)

  • Harry/Draco/Severus fic recs: (here)

  • Severus/Draco fic recs: (here)

  • Severus/Harry (Snarry) fic recs: (here)

  • Harry/Ron fic recs: (here)

  • Harry/Other
    • Harry/Bill: (here)

    • Harry/Voldemort: (here)

  • Draco/Other
    • Draco/Charlie: (here)

    • Draco/Hermione: (here)

    • Draco/Millicent: (here)

    • Draco/Neville: (here)

    • Draco/Regulus: (here)

    • Draco/Remus: (here)

    • Draco/Remus/Sirius: (here)

    • Draco/Remus/Severus: (here)

    • Draco/Ron: (here)

    • Draco/Sirius: (here)

    • Draco/Tom Riddle or Voldemort: (here)

  • Multiple Pairings: (here)

  • General fic recs: (here)

  • Mpreg fic recs: (here)

  • RPGs (Role-Playing Games) recs: (here)

Enjoy! :)
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*see user picture* For me, this year has been one of SHERLOCK! expanding fandoms. I really got into learning more about Kpop (so much so that I started a blog) and issues of feminism, and I became less shy of venturing outside my happy Harry/Draco zone in fanfic. I also watched many more TV shows in various genres than in previous years (thanks to my living with my bf instead of being in grad school) but unfortunately read almost no novels (except in fanfic), and certainly no ones published this year except for The Demon's Lexicon series by [ profile] sarahtales. So please take these awards with a grain of salt.

Best Novel: Thanks to the gloriousness that is BBC Sherlock, I was in a very Holmesian mood and loved The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King, which was published in 1994. It's about a young genius named Mary Russell who quite literally stumbles across Sherlock Holmes in his retirement and becomes his apprentice (and, it's later hinted, his equal). The book is the first in a series, and I'm currently on the second, A Monstrous Regiment of Women.

Best Live-Action Movie: This one's easily Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. While there were lots of movies I generally enjoyed (i.e. X-Men First Class, In Time, Captain America, Drive, Limitless, the fourth Pirates of the Carribbean--hey, what can I say, I liked it--and of course Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows), there weren't really any that I fell head-over-heels in love with, unfortunately. Maybe I'm becoming too cynical in my old age. :) I'm not sure I've completely come to terms with the fact that there will be no more HP movies anytime soon, either...

Best Animated Movie: This is between Rango and Gnomeo and Juliet, and Rango wins even though, again, I'm not in love with the movie. But I appreciate that it didn't push being in 3D, as those movies give me headaches.

Best TV Show: This is the category where I put BBC Sherlock, right? Only...four episodes at the moment (soon to be two more!). Despite the sexism and racism in some episodes, this really is the best thing I've seen in a long time, something that really made me excited and gleeful. This show also made me excited to see John (Martin Freeman) as Bilbo in The Hobbit and completely catapulted Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) to being one of my favorite actors, which means I will go to great lengths to watch everything he's in (including War Horse, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and a streaming version of his theater performance of Frankenstein). That there have been so many incredible fanworks created off of (until a day ago) three one-and-a-half hour episodes just shows what a wonderful world Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have created. (I also watched *deep breath*: A Game of Thrones, White Collar, Merlin, House, The Office, South Park, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Glee, Community, the eleventh Dr. Who, the new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and most of Being Human.)

Best Anime: For me it was Nabari No Ou (older, but I only saw it this year). An interesting plot, characters with unexpected depth, and, oh, sickly Yoite. I love him so.

Favorite OTP: Man, John/Sherlock (from BBC Sherlock) are really working on edging out the Harry/Draco this year. Not succeeding yet, though coming very close...

Favorite H/D Fic: I so enjoyed Then Comes A Mist and a Weeping Rain by [ profile] faithwood, a lovely story about Draco and his cloud (see my full rec here). I am not nearly finished reading all the wonderful treats in [ profile] hd_holidays, however, so I may get back to you with more fics in this category. :)

Favorite BBC Sherlock Fic: Impossible. There are too many lovely ones. But I have to say that the collected works of [ profile] etothepii are some of the best reading I've done all year. Every story, no matter how initially implausible, grabbed me and kept me slavering for more. This is an author who time and again makes me desperate to read more of scenarios I didn't realize I wanted--like a Sherlock crossover with His Dark Materials or The Addams Family. How awesome is that?

Thanks to my bf for the Kindle! I hope to be reading lots of fanfic on it in 2012! :)
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Like many things in fandom, I guess I'm ridiculously late on this--like, about half a decade late--but after quite unintentionally stumbling upon [ profile] charlottelennox's The Ms. Scribe Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography, I found myself spending two days doing literally nothing else but reading it.

It's a jaw-dropping exposé of one of the most fascinating people in the Harry Potter fandom who from about 2003-2006 created a bunch of sockpuppet journals, trolled like a pro, and it seems single-handedly propelled herself into BNF status. [ profile] charlottelennox has an amusing, wry writing style that had me hooked. And talk about in-depth--this is one of the most meticulously-researched things I've ever read.

Highly recommended, and if nothing else, it's a fascinating insight into the HP fandom before I joined. :)

(Beware: it may make you kind of paranoid...)
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Here is my list of recommendations for gen fics and RPGs. Despite the fact that the stories don’t have any pairings, please heed any warnings given by the author and be aware that I tend to like very dark tales. (Gen does not necessarily equal happy!) Please also note that the RPGs definitely have lots of pairings, both slash and het.

:: Gen & RPGs :: )

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Here’s my list of Harry/Other and Draco/Other fic recommendations.

Pairings include: [Harry/Bill], [Harry/Voldemort], [Draco/Charlie], [Draco/Hermione], [Draco/Millicent], [Draco/Neville], [Draco/Regulus], [Draco/Remus], [Draco/Remus/Sirius], [Draco/Remus/Severus], [Draco/Ron], [Draco/Sirius], [Draco/Tom Riddle or Voldemort], and [Multiple Pairings].

Almost all of the stories have slash or NC-17 sexual content, and some are quite dark, so do be careful. Under-18s, this is your warning.

:: Harry/Other, Draco/Other, and Multiple Pairings :: )
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It’s been a pretty good year for all the various fandoms I follow, so I figure I’d hand out some year-in-review awards. I haven’t seen as many films as I would have liked—and I’ve certainly not read nearly enough books, goodness—but that’s what grad school will do to you.

Best Novel: Keeping in mind I haven’t read very many, and I know this is old, but I read it this year when my bf bought it for me: Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale a.k.a. [ profile] ginnhale. Delicious steampunk demon love story. Who wouldn’t fall for Belimai Sykes?

Best Live-Action Movie: I’m a bit torn between The King’s Speech and Inception here. They can’t really be compared, as they’re in totally different genres. The King’s Speech is such a beautiful character piece (and Colin Firth is definitely getting a Best Actor Oscar), but Inception gets credit for launching an entire fandom and for repeat-viewing fun. (See [ profile] bookshop for details.)

Best Animated Movie: Surprisingly not the overly sentimental Toy Story 3 but Megamind. Who knew Will Farrell could produce a voice-acting talent this extraordinary? Seriously, his blue, bald, pronunciation-challenged villain-turned-hero is one of the best characters I’ve seen. I also loved How to Train Your Dragon, so congrats, Dreamworks, for finally making something worthwhile. EDIT: And you know what? Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole was actually pretty good, and certainly very beautiful. Ridiculously horrific title, but superb cast and voice acting. Jim Sturgess was awesome as Soren, the little lead owl.

Best TV Show: Hands down USA’s White Collar. Neal Caffery is the hottest, most charming and intelligent character on TV. Peter Burke’s relationship with his wife Elizabeth is drama-free, loving, and supportive. The women are phenomenal, even if they never get to talk to each other. Fox’s House gets lots of credit for going with the House/Cuddy relationship and making it fun but realistic (for them), and is still one of my favorite shows. South Park is also incredible, as always.

Best Anime: Oh, dear, this is hard. I’ll have to give it to Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge a.k.a. The Wallflower, though. Absolutely hilarious, for one. Best female protagonist since Ouran High School Host Club. But Kuroshitsuji a.k.a. Black Butler was phenomenal, gothic and creepy and lots of fun. Also lovely animation.

Favorite OTP: Still Harry/Draco, but this year introduced me to the joy of two OT3s: Harry/Draco/Snape, and, from White Collar, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal (which might as well be canon).

Best Harry/Draco fic: Man, this was incredibly hard. There were so many incredible fics in this pairing this year! Still, I’ll have to go with Railway Lands by [ profile] maelipstick. This fic broke all my rules, yet still managed to blow me away.

Best Snape/Draco fic: Give My Heart by [ profile] gypsyflame. I’m cheating a little because this had a Harry/Draco subplot, but really, the Snaco is the main focus. Deliciously in-character, wonderful use of magic and panic attacks.

Best RPG: still HP Dungeons, run by the magnificent [ profile] femmequixotic. I’m amazed this is still going strong after this long. Made me love the Harry/Draco/Snape OT3. And I could read Snape's hilarious cauldron_brew on InsaneJournal forever.

Best Work-in-Progress: The Captive Prince by [ profile] freece. Online original fic! Intelligence! Slavery as a trope that actually works! Plotty plot plot! The hottest UST ever. I know! And it's frequently updated, thank God. Definitely give it a shot.

Wish me luck on the out-of-country job search!
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Here are my Severus/Harry (Snarry) best-of-the-best fic recs, though I know there are a ton I’m missing.
:: Severus/Harry :: )
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This wouldn't all fit into one post, so here are the Harry/Draco recs with titles N-Z.
:: Harry/Draco, Part 2 :: )

<— (Harry/Draco, Part 1)

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My…er, third favorite pairing after the OT3 and Harry/Draco, it’s time for Draco/Snape!

:: Draco/Severus :: )
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While I do really love Harry/Draco, the OT3 truly has my heart. This is in large part the fault of [ profile] femmequixotic’s online RPG, HP Dungeons, which (eventually) features the pairing and is, in a word, brilliant. Definitely check it out. Now onto the recs! Would that there were more!

:: Harry/Draco/Severus :: )
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Only two, but they’re both pretty epic.

:: Harry/Ron :: )
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:: Harry/Draco, Part 1 :: )

(Harry/Draco, Part 2) —>

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Other pairings recs to come later. Please rec me your favorite stories, too!

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