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...Get ready for it...okay.

"Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have."

Oh, ha ha ha, anonymous person. Very funny.

Was anyone else really freaked out when you were told that cheese is actually mold? I became a vegan, a day. Then I missed cheese too much. When I went to China, I discovered (to the horror of my palate) that they hardly ever eat dairy products. Maybe that explains the stereotype about shorter Asian people? It certainly explains the reality of thinner Asian people. But I wonder if the health benefits of not having dairy make up for the problems associated with it. It can't be that problematic if so many peoples so rarely eat dairy, can it?
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I've been reading the info for the 350 Mission (to help raise global awareness about climate change). The 350 stands for for 350 parts per million, the defined safe upper level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. It is quite clear, at any rate, that something is changing our global climate, and it is probably human activity, and it is probably bad. And we probably should do something about it. I admire groups like 350, who seek to raise awareness, and I hope that they are successful, but the fact is that there literally is every variable on Earth to consider, and many countries on Earth to consider. The main two in terms of CO2 emissions are the U.S. and China, and while you might have some success convincing the U.S. to limit our CO2 emissions, good luck with China. This is the country that, in the interests of beautifying an area, spray-painted it green. That's right. See here: "This spring [2007], officials in Yunnan Province in southern China beautified Laoshou Mountain, which had been used as a quarry, by spraying green paint over acres of rock." I think the 350 Mission could have done better if it had translated its mission into Chinese and use tricky internet savvy to get it through the Chinese government's internet blocks, because so far pretty much only violent protests within China by its rural residents have been successful. That plan would appeal to China's middle class (who are more likely to have internet), and make 350 more likely to succeed.

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