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Another story that unexpectedly blew me away:

Breakable (117,629 words) by MissDavis (missdaviswrites on tumblr)

John/Sherlock. In this epic story, John ends up paralyzed from his lower torso down after a random falling accident during a case. But while technically, John is the one who is injured here, truly this is hurt/comfort of the best kind for both of them, but especially for Sherlock.

Oh, man, this story was amazing. I’m in love with Sherlock’s characterization here and how John’s paralysis affects him emotionally as well as John. The angst is fantastic.

There are some hauntingly beautiful scenes and images here: Sherlock sitting on the floor of the hospital while John’s speaking to his doctors, Sherlock’s relationship with Mycroft, how Mycroft, Lestrade, and Mrs. Hudson stage an intervention to get Sherlock to take his meds, everything with the airbed situation. And Donovan! I loved the way she was presented here. But then there are fun things like all the wheelchair sex.

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Just finished this epic story, and it instantly became a new favorite of mine:

The Frost is All Over (148,518 words) by Chryse

John/Sherlock. As the author puts it, this story contains “John and Sherlock in a Dickensian orphanage (with sex!)”!

It hooked me hard from the beginning and was utterly impossible to put down after. This story has everything: from blissful pastoral scenes to dank, grimy prison cells, we are taken on a journey through England in the 19th century.

This author is an absolute master at pacing: the story never drags and is always tugging at you to read more. The action scenes are so exciting and fun, the political intrigue is fascinating, the details of the world are engrossing, there are hurt/comfort scenes aplenty (yay, Sherlock whump)—and best of all, at the heart is always the beautiful blossoming relationship between John and Sherlock.

The boys grow up together and have wild, dangerous adventures, and slowly their relationship becomes more intimate, and it’s all just a joy to be along there for the ride. Their utter devotion to each other through all the hardships of life…ah, what a delight.

Warnings for period-typical homophobia, child abuse, implied offscreen rape, attempted rape, minor character deaths.

So go enjoy and give the author some love. :)

Meta Rec!

May. 9th, 2014 02:11 pm
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Oh my Goddddd, this was incredible. A long and brilliant Sherlock meta that I really hope everyone in fandom will read and enjoy:

M-Theory: Mycroft, Moriarty, and Magnussen’s shared motifs, James Bond’s “M,” Mary and Janine, and the big gay long game or here on AO3 (85,989 words) by Loudest-Subtext-In-Television

This author is my hero. This is such a transformative and persuasive piece, particularly if you like Mycroft or Moriarty. It covers everyone’s motivation and background dealings in a gripping, fascinating, and very easily readable way, explaining pretty much everything that may have been confusing about the show (including perplexing elements in “The Blind Banker” and “His Last Vow,” and also the identity of “theimprobableone”!).

I’ll never be able to watch the show in the same way; this meta has added so much more depth to it. I’m desperate for a fic author to lay out some or all of these ideas in a story now. :)
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Oops, this became too long for one post. What can I say, I adore the Sherlock whump. :)

This list has part 2 of my John/Sherlock recs with this theme; go here for part 1 and here for Gen and Other Pairings recs.

John/Sherlock, Part 2 )

<— (Back to John/Sherlock, Part 1)

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More hurt!Sherlock recs! This list has Gen and Other Pairings recs. For John/Sherlock recs, go here: part 1 and part 2. And please feel free to rec me your favorites, as always.

Click for recs! )
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My runaway favorite trope: Sherlock being hurt or ill, preferably with doctor!John taking care of him. I think I will read pretty much any story with this theme that exists (also known as Sherlock whump). Lots of stories have some elements of this (yay! See my recs masterpost for more, particularly the post-Reichenbach list), but here are some of my favorites where the hurt/comfort is a major part of the plot. Sometimes John is hurt as well, but my focus here is on Sherlock. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the brilliant [ profile] missilemuse’s phenomenal Sherlock Whump Rec List (yesss) on tumblr in putting these together, so check that out for more delicious stories! Enjoy! And please feel free to rec me your favorites, as always.

This list has part 1 of my John/Sherlock recs with this theme; go here for part 2 and here for Gen and Other Pairings recs.

John/Sherlock, Part 1 )

(On to John/Sherlock, Part 2) —>

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Stories tagged with the term “kidfic” (or kid!fic, or kid-fic) seem to fall into one of two categories: 1) ones in which the main characters raise a child, and 2) ones in which the main characters are children. We as a fandom needed better vocabulary terms to differentiate these, so people got creative and came up with:
  • parentlock—where the characters have children

  • kidlock—where the characters are children, either going back in time or through magic or something

  • teenlock—where the characters are teens, often an AU

  • unilock—where the characters are in university or professors

But it works for my purposes because I adore all the categories (though I’ve read more widely in the parentlock category than the others). :)

I like kidfic for lots of reasons, but two important ones are: 1) Sherlock + a baby = precious (don’t believe me? Here, have Benedict holding a baby), and 2) they tend to be epically long and plotty, with a focus on characterization, and there’s really nothing I love better.

So onto the parentlock recs (where canon characters raise children). Some could fit into both parentlock and kidlock (i.e., canon characters raise other canon characters who are children):
Recs ahoy! )
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I just had to share this piece from Kathryn Funkhouser entitled "Sherlock Reviews Musicals He Was Forced To Attend With His Parents." I laughed until there were legit tears, guys. Hysterical. I hope the author writes more fanficcy articles. :)

EDIT: Another very funny thing to share: Oklahomo, a Sherlock parody video. I love the Autocorrect!
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No, it’s not Omegaverse, but some fantastic dark!John/vulnerable!Sherlock. *dances*

Oh my Goddd... *hyperventilates* [ profile] fireofangels, the absolute master of dark, kinky Sherlock fics (seriously, check out their wonderful masterlist on AO3) so very kindly wrote something amazing in response to a prompt I left, and I’ve been re-reading it constantly and love it more every time:

Beta (5,337 words) by [ profile] fireofangels
John/Mary. Author’s summary: Sherlock, back from the dead, promises to do anything to appease a deeply hurt John. Little does he know what John has in store...

So basically post-Reichenbach, dark!John is angry and upset and decides he needs to take steps to ensure that Sherlock can never pull something like the Fall again. And so John starts corseting him so tightly Sherlock finds it hard to even breathe, much less to think.

But this story is even more than that—it’s also a deep psychological study of Sherlock after the Fall, of the depth of Molly’s friendship and concern, of how manipulative John can become when pushed too far, of the power that Sherlock gives him. Chilling, heartbreaking, beautiful.

The author totally nails Sherlock’s perspective here, really getting into his head and showing us why he has to do this. Oh, my heart!!!

Quote: He wonders if this will work, if this will bring John – or anyone – back to him. He hopes so.
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So filming for Sherlock Series 3 is on! And we now have titles for the first two episodes, written by Mark Gatiss and Steve Thompson! But filming is on a temporary hiatus, and I’m finding it hard to cope with the sudden lack of setlock posts, so it’s time for a recs list.

I’d like to celebrate by sharing my favorite post-Reichenbach fics and what I hope the writers will do for Sherlock’s post-Reichenbach return. I’ve read so many excellent takes on how Sherlock will return that I’m a little scared that nothing the actual show will do could possibly measure up, but I hope it will surpass my expectations, and I hope it will be surprising and different.

Part of my purpose with creating this post is because, yeah, why deny it, I’m a hurt/comfort junkie who likes to see Sherlock suffer, but another large part is that I don’t think Sherlock gets enough credit for what he’s done to save his friends.

Speculation; no spoilers for new episodes. )

Recs! )
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In compiling my own Sherlock recs lists, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to other communities, reccers, and rec lists who provide commentary (I love—no, I need—commentary on recommendations). Here is a list of ones I particularly love and have been amassing via other recommendations or random Googling when I need something to read. I’ll admit the length of this post has become a teensy bit out-of-control, but that just shows you how many awesome people there are in this fandom!

Cut for massive length )
I’m sure there’s a ton of great recs lists I’ve missed, so please let me know about them! :)

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::: Fic Recs :::

  • Cabin Pressure crossovers: (here)

  • Dark!John recs: (here)

  • Fic recs tag (with recs of individual stories): (here)

  • Genderswap recs (female!Sherlock focus): (here)

  • Hurt!Sherlock recs (Sherlock whump): (John/Sherlock, part 1), (John/Sherlock, part 2), (Gen & Other Pairings)

  • Mpreg recs (non-Omegaverse pregnant!Sherlock focus): (here)

  • Omegaverse recs (omega!Sherlock focus): (here)

  • Parentlock recs (Sherlock raising a child): (here)

  • Post-Reichenbach recs (with vulnerable!Sherlock): (here)

  • Recs list of other recs lists: (here)

  • I can usually be found in the comments of the fabulous [ profile] sherlockbbc’s Sunday Recday posts: (here)

  • Works-In-Progress (WIPs): (here)

::: Other Fandom Stuff :::

  • Benedict Cumberbatch filmography reviews: (here)

  • Martin Freeman filmography reviews: (here)

  • Reichenbach Fall speculative theories: (here)

  • Reviews of other Sherlock Holmes adaptations: (here)
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Fuck it, I don’t care how out of character it can seem, the idea of a John who is morally compromised in some way (dark!John) is so hot to me. I mean, this is the guy who shot a man, giggled, and then immediately went out for Chinese afterwards (as always, abundantlyqueer says it best). I think what I like about it is the idea that Sherlock looks to John for moral guidance (“Not good?” “Bit not good.”), and if John isn’t okay, how much more messed up is Sherlock going to get? I especially like it when Sherlock suffers for John’s misdeeds. Because apparently I like it when Sherlock suffers. *is a sadist and hurt/comfort junkie*

So let’s have a list! Please let me know of any I’ve missed! Almost all these are going to be John/Sherlock or gen, and most of them have either non-con or dub-con by their very nature, so please avoid this list if that’s triggering for you. I’ve tried to list warnings, but please tread carefully.

Links I found helpful in compiling this:

Onto the Recs! )

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Please let me know your favorites, too (if anybody else is into this but me!). As always, I will add to this list as I read others. :)
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God, I love long stories that are packed with action and adventure. (Crossposted here.)


Pairings for the series: John/Sherlock, Lestrade/John, Mycroft/Lestrade, Moriarty/OFC (Moriarty has a wife, omg).

So at eight stories and 300,000+ words, this is possibly the longest series in this fandom, and the newest story is still a WIP, whoa. Please don’t be put off by the all-caps and bolded text in the title: this series is fucking impressive and amazing. Moriarty and Shakespeare and Frankenstein, one insanely BAMF!John, BAMF!Mycroft, Sherlock dressing up as Byron (tight pants and all!), missions in Afghanistan, sex and BSDM elements, violence and drugs and some really disturbing content, all mixed into fascinating, brilliantly thought-out, multi-layered cases, and lathered in a delicious amount of angst—this series has it all! It’s really fast-paced and each story’s resolution kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat with excitement.

I have to say I didn’t completely like Lestrade’s infatuation with John (since I love Johnlock and Mystrade and want those couples to be together always), but since it facilitated a ton of angst and drama and insecurity from Sherlock, I can’t speak against it.

Oh, God, and did I mention the hurt/comfort? Mmm, yes, there is a lot, and for everybody (and especially Sherlock, which is my favorite). Bless this author.

Warnings for non-con/dub-con elements, torture, bloodplay, breathplay, BSDM elements, drug use, discussion of child sexual abuse, and creepy medical procedures.

Here, have a quote because it’s sexy and accurate: But when you have a fast car, John thought as Sherlock was grinding him up against the wall, you have to know how to drive it.
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Ahaha, I knew making a account for commenting and favoriting fics was a brilliant idea! The lovely theangelsarecoming on said she wasn’t working on anything at the moment and asked for a prompt, and I ecstatically obliged and begged for hurt/comfort with John, Lestrade, and/or Mycroft taking care of Sherlock (my favorite prompt on earth), and she very kindly responded with this gem:

Do Not Go Gentle by theangelsarecoming (theproverbial cake on tumblr)
Gen, 1220 words. Author’s summary: When Sherlock is shot, John and Lestrade have to fight to make sure that he stays alive. Great scene-setting details, Sherlock ignoring his instincts (to his detriment), and a very touching scene between Lestrade and Sherlock in particular (aww, hand-holding!). Warning for blood.

Oh, man, how I adore Sherlock whump!
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I wasn't going to say anything because anybody going on tumblr right now can tell, but the good news keeps piling up, so here we are with happy links for your viewing pleasure:

--Series 3 of Sherlock is going to start filming pretty soon, on March 18 (less than a week out!)

--Benedict Cumberbatch confirms that there will be a Sherlock Series 4!!!!!!!!!

--Benedict and Martin Freeman appear in a very cute/funny (non-spoilery) picture from the BBC read-through for the first episode of Series 3 (Ben looks very happy, and Martin has grapes on his eyes. Why, nobody knows. That's Martin for you.)

--Benedict shows off his newly-dyed Sherlock hair (alllmost the right length; it's getting there) at the South Bank Sky Arts awards (more pictures here)

--The production designer, Arwel Wyn Jones (twitter here) has been posting frequent pictures of the construction of 221B, including three (so far) 360 panoramas, two from inside Baker Street and one of the St. Bart's roof. I've been watching his posts very carefully and enjoying them, so maybe they will bring some enjoyment to you also.

--And a little freebie for the Mark Gatiss fans from Arwel Wyn Jones (bless him): this creepy photo of Mark with the skull

--EDIT: [ profile] arianedevere perfectly sums up what fandom is thinking in this little 100-word Sherlock ficlet: Season four.

--EDIT: Mark Gatiss tweeted this NECK PORN PHOTO (no spoilers), omg, sooo hot: hnnnngh.

In other words: SQUEE!!!
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Just finished reading an awesome and unusual story, so I thought I’d share! (Crossposted here and here.)

Title: Covet

Author: chocolatemilk2

Author’s summary: They sleep together. James Moriarty never does anything without cause—to Sherlock, it's an irresistable mystery.

Pairings: Moriarty/Sherlock, Mycroft/Sherlock.

Warnings: Oh dear, there are so many warnings. Let’s see: multiple major character deaths (though some may be misleading), dub/non-con, graphic violence, bloodplay, depression, suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, drug overdose, incest, unhealthy relationships, insanity, a homophobic slur, terrorism, plane crashes, emotional blackmail, generally really disturbing content.

Word Count: 64,942 words (WIP)

My Thoughts: Post-Reichenbach, Moriarty is still alive. His act of terrorism forces John to re-enlist, and Sherlock has to keep playing Moriarty’s game if he ever wants to see John again.

This supremely disturbing and complex story presents, I think, the most realistic relationship Sherlock and Jim would be capable of having, were they in fact capable of sustaining a sexual relationship with one another. Violent and cruel, with constant psychological torture and mind games as they battle for dominance while trying to outwit one another, but also a mutual fascination, a mutual need. And then there’s Mycroft, who is powerful and just as terrifying as Moriarty—or perhaps even more so—in his own way.

Superficially, this story has a lot going against it. It’s a WIP, and people can be scared of those; it’s primarily Jim/Sherlock, and I don’t know how popular that pairing is; it has incest, and that squicks a lot of readers; it’s exceptionally dark. But if you can take that, this is such a great read that I would feel remiss for not letting people know about it. And, not going to lie, I was totally delighted to find a story with both Jim/Sherlock and Mycroft/Sherlock that’s so in-character.

This story totally sold me on Moriarty/Sherlock because it’s clear just how damaged Sherlock is and how much he desperately needs his friends, and when they are taken away, Sherlock’s world comes crashing down and until finally Jim himself is the only thing left that can save Sherlock from the crushing tedium of his existence otherwise.

This story hits so many of my kinks, I can’t even tell you. The sex is scorching and insanely passionate (and I use the word “insanely” in a very literal way), everybody’s trying to manipulate Sherlock, and there are excellent hurt/comfort elements with major lung trauma and other injuries that plague Sherlock throughout the story.

But the main thing to love are the characterizations, the depth of which is stunning. And the author doesn’t leave out any of the characters, either, making it clear that everybody is important to Sherlock, which is just wonderful. (Even though we don’t get to see much of some of them, the depth of Sherlock’s love for them speaks volumes.) Molly’s role in the story is particularly complex.

If you’re in the mood for something dark and breathtakingly well-characterized, this is for you.
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OMG, you guys!!! The amazing [ profile] awanderingbard did a hurt/comfort meme and was gracious enough to actually use a prompt I left about Sherlock being seriously hurt, and it is soooo good. It’s up on AO3 now (tagged as a gift and everything, wow!), so I could download it share it with everybody!

Cold Blood by [ profile] awanderingbard
Gen, 1653 words. Sherlock is shot, and John and Mycroft have to keep him alive until help comes. Hitting all my kinks, even ones I didn’t ask for, like a very touching relationship between Mycroft and Sherlock and excellent descriptions of medical trauma. This author does showing-not-telling like nobody’s business. I was shaking after reading this, it was so awesome. Warnings for lots of blood from a gunshot wound.

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Younger me could never have foreseen this post and would have recommended institutionalization had someone tried to suggest to her that one day she'd be typing up her reasons for reading about fictional guys having ass babies...and yet, I regret nothing. :D

In response to the lovely [ profile] lobelia321's request to explain mpreg, I typed up some awesome stories I love that are mpreg (male pregnancy; guys having babies), as well as the reasons why I like it so much, so I thought I'd share them here while I have it all coded out! I know lots of people don't like the trope, but here are my reasons. :)

Cut so as to not squick people :) )

Hope this helps those mildly interested in the trope? Veterans should please let me know any fics in these fandoms with a heavy mpreg element that I've missed! :)

P.S. There's an LJ Friending Meme going on right now! My comment thread is here. :D

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Just finished this series, and it was so incredible that I had to rec it! (Crossposted here, here, and here.)

Title: The Baker Street Series

Author: [ profile] magicbunni

Author’s Summaries:

Book 1: The Ninth Muse: Conspiracy and murder find Sherlock Holmes and John Watson surrounded by covert enemies in the heart of Scotland Yard. Together, they unearth clues that illuminate the scope, depth, and distorted psychology behind the crime! And, after a pre-emptive strike ordered by the mastermind they pursue, Holmes elects to continue the investigation under conditions that will force John Watson to fight for his friend's -- colleague's -- life.

Book 2: The Photography Club: An evening out is interrupted by a cryptic call from Lestrade, and the doctor and Consulting Detective are greeted at Scotland Yard by CIA Agents looking to work with Sherlock Holmes. The Agency needs to leverage Sherlock's unorthodox knowledge of London while investigating a missing CIA mole they presume dead... only it's proving tricky to identify the body, and even more of a challenge to unravel the mystery behind the murder.

Book 3: The Burning Question: Hot on the heels of solving a missing person's case, Sherlock finds Lestrade and John at the door. Downtown London is burning and no one knows exactly why. But who better to tease a pattern from utter chaos than Sherlock Holmes?

Book 4: The Double Walker: With John caught in the middle of staffing changes at the clinic, and Sherlock's boredom reaching ever more grandiose heights, it was the right time for a case. A missing corpse and a crime scene so bloody it's impossible the victim could've survived means there's more than enough to keep Sherlock occupied, even before it becomes clear this victim is no stranger. Can Sherlock and John interpret three words, left as clues, in time to catch the culprit?

Pairing: John/Sarah + Sherlock

Warnings: Violence, discussion of drug use/addiction, torture

Word Count: 199,522 words

My Thoughts: A series of four breathlessly exciting, astoundingly well-plotted novels with a very canon take on the relationship between Sherlock and John. It’s a non-slash series, but the author seems to have left those slashy hints intact, which makes this a very interesting read.

In terms of adherence to the show’s canon, I particularly enjoy how the author writes the Sherlock actors’ mannerisms and body language and physicality into this—Sherlock clicking his “k,” John rubbing his face, Sherlock holding cellphones under his chin—it makes these stories feel just like an extension of the show, and I appreciate the great attention to detail.

I also love the hurt/comfort elements, especially in the first novel, in which Sherlock is shot but refuses to go to the hospital until he solves the mystery and enlists a grudging John and Sarah to help him stay upright.

The only thing I don’t like so much is the author’s interchangeable use of the surnames “Holmes” and “Watson” along with “Sherlock” and “John” in the narration, but after getting over that, the series was very enjoyable—and delightfully long with gorgeous artwork!

And the characterizations are lovely, of everybody (Sherlock here is to die for), but it’s especially nice to see Sarah and Donovan and other female characters, including some amazing OCs, being taken so seriously and developed so well. In the second novel, there’s a female genius named Reese who is fantastic. I can’t tell you how hot it was when she and Sherlock had a hostile battle of deductions, trying to get to the root of each other’s insecurities.

I would love for this story to really get the attention it deserves, so please check it out, leave a comment for the author, and let me know what you thought, as well! Plotting and characterization this exquisite deserve it. :)

Alternate links (with artwork!): (here) or (here)

And also by this author, please check out:

The Witch’s Heart

A Sherlock-in-university backstory that is just as fabulous, if not more, than the Baker Street series. What a case. I’m just…breathless with how good this was, how much loving detail and thought the author has put in. How perfectly this backstory fits everything that we know and love about Sherlock and even fills in blanks I didn’t know needed filling—the details about Sherlock’s family life and burgeoning sexuality, the taunts and bullying and also unexpected but deep friendships he forms at school. But at the same time Sherlock’s inherent mystery and fascination are kept alive, raising more questions even as others are answered. And all the while this author’s pacing and hurt/comfort elements are some of the best I’ve ever read. So, so exciting and moving. The fencing match, my God, was just dazzling! And again there are awesome characterizations of everybody, but particularly the female characters. (Also there is more gorgeous art!)

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