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Like everybody else, it seems, I am reccing the amazing anime Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. :)

In it, four young friends (Makoto, Nagisa, Rin, and Haruka) win a trophy for swimming a relay together, but everything seems to fall apart when Rin leaves for Australia to join a prestigious swim club there. When he returns in high school, the boys work to put together a new school swimming team with the help of Rin’s sister, Gou (or is it Kou?), and Rei, a new calculations-obsessed member, but find Rin to be a very different person.

It’s really the humor and the relationships that steal the show here, that and the level of fanservice: the use of subversive female-gaze camera shots to display gorgeous half-naked male bodies with water sparkling or dripping off of them. And the fact that the guys all bond by being boys with girly names.

The delicious rivalry between Haruka and Rin, the mystery of what happened between them to change their personalities, the way they all take care of each other, the reason Haruka only swims freestyle, and generally the strong (and supremely slashy!) friendships make this a very entertaining anime even if you have no interest in swimming.

This is only four episodes in, and I absolutely adore it already.

(And now thanks to the amazing reapersun’s gorgeous art on tumblr, I desperately want a Sherlock crossover...Mmm, Sherlock in a swimsuit. Mmm, Mycroft in a speedo.)

Thanks to [ profile] meiface for squeeing over the relationship between Makoto and Haruka and getting me interested in this anime!

As always, my masterlist of anime recs is here, though I won’t add this one until it’s finished airing. :)
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[Just realized this has been sitting around on my hard drive for far too long (oops!) and I should share for those who might be interested!]

Although I follow lots of more nerdy webcomics, I recently discovered that, yup, there are slashier ones out there—lots of them boy’s love/BL/yaoi or m/m, call it what you will. And some are really excellent. So I thought I’d compile a list of the ones I enjoyed enough to follow. If you know of any others, please do let me know! Thanks to [ profile] meiface for pointing out Oglaf and Teahouse to me, and to [ profile] amanuensis for Roulette!

  • Ace of Beasts
    In a lighthearted fantasy world with lots of human/animal hybrids, two swordsmen (Xerxes and Osric) travel the world in search of a sorcerer who cursed Osric to be a fiery demon. They’re not that concerned, though, and have plenty of very hot sex on the way—pun intended! And check out the equally good series Men + Monsters, set in the same universe.

  • Artifice
    In the creator’s words, “Android soldier. Forbidden love. Aggressive therapy.” The character designs aren’t totally my thing, but the art is very clean, like a nice comic book, and the story had me hooked. The author also has an interesting publishing system where he’ll publish a bonus page once a donation target is reached.

  • CyberSteel
    A very short 25-page yaoi, but the cyberpunk universe looks promising (if it’s ever updated again), and the sex is really, really hot.

  • Ephemeral
    A twin prostitute with a sleeping disorder discovers all may not be as simple as it seems at his school. This webcomic has some of the best art I’ve seen, a really professional manga-style—some panels in grayscale and some in glorious color. There are sporadic grammar mistakes, but the story is intriguing, and the art is just fantastic.

  • Grayscale
    Shapeshifter universe! Two shapeshifters, a dragon (Nine) and a phoenix (Dice), live in a corrupt fantasy city. Nine gets captured and taken to an evil research laboratory, where he meets Dice, a drug user who has reservations about the way the lab is being run. The relationship between the two evolves slowly and is satisfying. I like the art, which, yes, is mostly in grayscale but with splashes of color, and the newer panels are in glorious full color. The artist is great at capturing emotion.

  • Kaito Shuno
    A cubicle worker decides he’s had enough one day and goes out to commit suicide when he meets a guy who prevents him. It’s the start of an epic domestic webcomic with two pretty boys and lots of sex. The art style is a very rough anime style with a bit of color that makes it easy to tell who everyone is, and the simple style allows the author to update so frequently. It’s pretty funny, too; I just raced through.

  • Men + Monsters
    In a universe where humans hunt monsters, a kinky swordsman (Lex) falls in love with an equally kinky demon monster (Silas). Together with Lex’s robot companion, Akilas, they stage their deaths and travel the world looking for a place to accept them. There’s plenty of sex and a very sweet relationship between two (sometimes three) badasses. “How have you three lasted so long out here?” / “We screw in the face of death! Sometimes literally.” From the creators and universe of Ace of Beasts.

  • Oglaf
    Dirty comedy, sex, and spider vaginas, this one has ’em all. There’s no story per se, just a bunch of hilarious scenes from a clever and wacky medieval fantasy universe.

  • Oscura
    So far the story, about a bisexual heir to a great power, matches the title, but the art is really lovely and unusual. Each panel is more a colorful painting than a comic. There are some minor grammar mistakes, though.

  • Purpurea Noxa
    Vampire gangs roam Italy in this prettily-drawn webcomic. So far the yaoi is in subtext (except in the gallery), but it looks like a promising world. My favorite is Jason, the vampire gang leader. :)

  • Roulette
    Mafia and blackmail and hit men and gun play, oh my! If you like your guys muscled and cocky with long hair, this one is for you. The art is very clean and professional-looking in black and white. (P.S. There is a Kickstarter project in the works for more of this comic. Check it out!)

  • Sfeer Theory
    Kind of a mix of steampunk and alchemy, Sfeer Theory (Dutch for “sphere”) is the story of a young man working as a lab technician as a university although he by all rights should be one of its scholars. Thankfully a guest professor notices his talent. Our protagonist, Luca Valentino, is absolutely delicious—and deliciously drawn—and the story is drawn in such a way that it brings out the comedy in each situation.

  • Starfighter
    A gorgeous, ongoing yaoi set in space! With fighter pilots who also get it on like bunnies (albeit in a rather abusive way) in their spare time. And both the leads are so pretty and fiesty!

  • Teahouse
    A sexy, plotty, well-written, and breathtakingly beautiful story about a brothel filled with hot guys and girls who cater to royalty. My favorite is the pink-haired Linneus.

  • The Young Protectors
    By the same creator of Artifice, this one is about gay superheroes and a special gay supervillain. Again, the character designs are too masculine for me, but the lines and colors are clean and bright, and I look forward to seeing how the forbidden love progresses and if the villain is, well, villainous or has a softer side.

Others I have been recommended but haven’t read yet (may or may not be slashy; I haven’t read them yet!):

Always Raining Here
The Silver Eye
Black Dram
Kirai ja Nai Kedo
Love Love
Riot Nrrd (thanks, [ profile] frith_in_thorns)
TJ and Amal
Two Rooks
Elan Meets Rafa (thanks, [ profile] nana_42)
Spectre (thanks, [ profile] nana_42)
5th and Main (thanks, [ profile] nana_42)
Tough (thanks, [ profile] nana_42)

Helpful sites in finding these:

The Slash Pile
The Yaoi Review
Ohfuckyaoi on tumblr
Sebasu on tumblr
[ profile] novalis_b (has a list on the right side)
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Look at the pretty art I received yesterday! As I have very little artistic talent on my own, I'm so amazed by artistic people, and to have a Harry/Draco picture created for me makes me so happy! *dances* Made by the gorgeous [ profile] appleling, it was actually for my birthday on March 15th, but since today is her birthday, I like the irony of posting it today for everyone to share. :)


*squeeing, flailing* It is so adorable! Harry is carrying a snoozing Draco! And look at Draco's little hairbow! And their adorable little scarves! And their little mittens and shoes! And their pink cheeks! And Harry's expression, like "I'm a bit tired here, Draco love, but I'll keep carrying you as long as I can."

In other words, best birthday present ever!!! Thank you so much, [ profile] appleling! Happy Birthday! *glomps you*
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I want to learn how to draw just so I can do stuff like this forever.

Featured on i09 and themarysue:

The genderswapped version of Harry Potter from the artist maaria on deviantart:

Check out the art here!

My impressions:

--Fem!Snape looks so gothic and awesome
--Not going to lie, same with fem!Voldy
--Harriet is scruffy and scrappy and adorable
--Fem!Fred-and-George suddenly become more amazing when they have punk rock hairstyles
--guy!Hermione for the WIN
--girl!Draco looks kind of stereotypically awful and bitchy, but I like her confidence
--girl!Neville and guy!Luna would be so cool, too
--Harriet/guy!Ginny suddenly just got a lot hotter.

I've read a ton of fem!Sherlock, but I don't think I've ever read an always-a-girl!Harry story. Ever. /suddenly feel awful

EDIT: Okay, so I found a list of always-a-girl!Harry at this link, if you're interested. Unfortunately, it's from, which I dislike, but it's better than nothing, and I'm grateful for the compiler. Also, there are some fun recasting photos at the harry-potter-genderswap tag on tumblr. :)
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There has now been enough intereating-looking fic posted in the 2011 round of [ profile] hd_holidays as to keep me pleased for the entire year, and I absolutely cannot wait to read it all. But since the holidays have been insanely busy, in the meantime have an art rec!

I was talking about how Harry and Draco look in our heads with [ profile] appleling when I came to the conclusion that my head!Draco and head!Harry change depending on what fic I'm reading, but generally tend to look more...hand-drawn and anime-style than like real people. Yeah, I know I'm weird, but that's honestly how I usually see them in my head.

My ideal Harry/Draco looks like how [ profile] star_sailor13 generally draws them, i.e. here or here (or see her gallery here).

And today something was posted in hd_hols that made me literally go, "OMG, HEADCANON!"

Snakewater for [ profile] mizbean, who is so lucky.

The snakeskin! The water droplets! The Dark Mark! How gorgeously protective Harry is while they lie in the rain! When I imagine H/D, that's what I see. I can't wait for this mystery artist to de-anon so I can stalk his/her art. :D

EDIT: The artist is [ profile] misterwalnut, so go forth and spread the love!

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