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Anime Rec: Spiritpact

This 10-episode shounen-ai anime is the Japanese edit and dub of the Chinese anime Ling Qi (Soul Contract).

In it, a young You Keika is living in poverty as a fortune-teller when he is hit by a bus and killed. In death, he chooses to become contracted to the human demon-hunter Tanmoku Ki as his spirit shadow, a partner to protect Tanmoku and give him strength. Unbeknownst to both of them, they are connected more deeply than they realized. Along with Tanmoku’s ignored fiancée Shin Shiyou, the three team up to uncover the sinister plot going on at Tanmoku’s family home.

The anime packs a lot into its 10 episodes with lots of supernatural hurt/comfort elements and a gentle shounen-ai between You and Tanmoku, with some humor and very pretty art and character designs as well.

While the supernatural elements are a bit stereotypical and aren’t explained well, and the characterizations are a bit one-note, it’s interesting to see the different motivations of the characters, particularly the “evil” ones who are all vying for power behind the scenes and constantly testing Tanmoku and You’s relationship.

Tanmoku is difficult to read as a typical tsundere, but You makes for an appealing lead with his innocence and occasional frustration with his situation. I felt really bad for Tanmoku’s fiancée, Shiyou. Her character is actually fleshed out but it’s still hard to determine her reasons for sticking around when Tanmoku overlooks her constantly. She seems to have more meaningful interactions with You than with her fiancée.

Where the anime really shines, though, is in the evolving relationship and powerplays between Tanmoku and You. The two have great chemistry and it’s wonderful to see how they slowly get to know one another and how they react to seeing each other in danger. Towards the end I loved seeing how they had evolved into a team.

Unfortunately, after just 10 episodes it feels like it’s just getting into the good content when it ends. Would love to see more!

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Anime list continued from (Anime Recs Part 1)

My ratings, from best to worst:
—One of my favorites!
—Very good, almost a favorite.
—Very good.
—Enjoyable, but not one of my favorites.
—You might like it, but it’s not for me.

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Anime rec: Akatsuki no Yona / Yona of the Dawn

“This group just keeps getting weirder.” This is the story of how the band gets together. In this historical fantasy anime, Princess Yona leads a happily sheltered life in the capital city with her father (the king) and two male childhood friends, never knowing the world outside her safe existence. But one terrible evening, everything comes crashing down and she is forced to flee everything she has ever known.

Despite some occasional plot holes and coincidences, what first appears like only a shallow reverse harem becomes something very special indeed, gaining darkness, depth, and complexity with each of Yona’s new discoveries outside the capital. All of the characters are appealingly drawn, each with an interesting back story (Yona’s bodyguard, Hak, is a special favorite of mine, but each of the dragons are unique). Yona’s journey, both physical and mental, is increasingly complex as she takes more agency over her life, and I loved seeing her grow from a spoiled princess to a self-sufficient and worthy ruler.

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Anime Rec: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Madoka Kaname is a timid middle school girl whose life changes when she encounters the mysterious new transfer student Homura Akemi and the magical animal Kyuubey, who offers Madoka a wish and seemingly limitless power.

The hype is well-deserved with this one. Clever and deeply psychological storytelling, haunting music, great voice acting, and an immersive, highly unusual art style combine to make something very dark and special indeed. The title sequence is particularly delicious.

This is a magical girl anime. But it is also not a magical girl anime. Truly, the less you know about the show going into it, the better. Just know that nothing is as it seems.

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Anime Rec: Sidonia no Kishi / Knights of Sidonia

This is Netflix’s first licensed anime series, and it’s great! After Earth has been destroyed, the seed ship Sidonia makes its way through the galaxy, protecting itself from difficult-to-kill, creepily-morphing tentacle space monsters called Gauna. Enter Tanikaze, who has been living with his grandfather underground, and who becomes an ace pilot of the Gardes (fighting mecha).

The show-don’t-tell world-building here is fascinating, from the genetically engineered human photosynthesis and third gender, gravity festivals, robot fights, and onboard “sea.” The episodes are so exciting that for me they just flew by—aided perhaps by Netflix’s penchant for releasing all episodes at once and then having evil cliffhangers that make it impossible to stop watching. I loved Tanikaze and found him adorable with his constant cluelessness and his penchant for getting seriously injured.

However, unlike Attack on Titan (to which Knights of Sidonia is being justly compared), this universe feels much more sterile, with more technology and fewer colors, relationships, and characterizations. The character designs for the cadets in particular are extremely similar, almost clones of one another (11 are sisters who all look like twins), which makes it difficult to keep track of many of the cadets except poor Tanikaze and his rival, Kunato. A possible jealousy-laden love quadrangle between the four leads (Hoshijiro, Izana, and Midorikawa) feels a bit contrived.

But the world-building and space battles are definitely gorgeous, fun, and meaningful, and I hope a third season is in the works!

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Anime Review: Meganebu!

In this anime of humorous absurdity, the megane (glasses-wearing) club, a tight-knit group of five high-school boys, is on a mission of extreme importance: to create x-ray vision glasses…so that they can look at hot women naked without their consent. Once you get past that…rather creepy premise, this anime is incredibly sweet with the mock-serious way the characters treat their lives as glasses-wearers, under the direction of their leader Akira, who is determined to make the world a better place for everyone with glasses.

There are almost no female characters, but the relationships between all the boys are adorable (particularly all the brotherly relationships), and the slashiness is off the charts. The animation is brightly colorful and cutely stylized: any non-glasses wearing secondary characters (i.e., the other students) aren’t even animated, they’re just literal stick figures in uniforms, which is very funny.

Other than Akira, I liked the mechanical genius Yukiya and the spacey cream-puff loving Takuma; the jealous rivalry between the other two members (Mitsuki and Hayato) was a bit too spiteful for me (though I love the line “I’m not dead, but I’m only a provisional member”). Also, I guarantee that you will have “We are meganebu~” stuck in your head for days.

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Anime Review: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! / Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

In this amusing parody anime, five high school boys in a club unwittingly find themselves meeting an alien wombat, who transforms them into magical boys, male Sailor Moon-esque members: they’re trapped in the outfits of an Earth Defense group and forced to say ridiculous lines against their will. Amusingly, they decide to make the best of their new situation, attacking evil with the power of love.

Of course this includes much suggestiveness and fan service, like bathing together, cuddling, and tickle fights. Oh, and the code phrase to launch their powers is “Love Making.”

While the anime is simplistic and often shallow, it is nonetheless ultimately quite sweet and helped lighten my mood whenever I watched it. Recommended for fans of light shounen-ai (like Gakuen Heaven).

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Anime Rec: One Punch Man

In this absurd parody of superhero stories, our bald hero Saitama has a major problem: no matter how huge or grossly overpowered or disgustingly evolved or city-destroying his opponent is, Saitama can always defeat them with, of course, just one punch.

Together with his cyborg protégé Genos, we follow Saitama and feel his growing frustration with the state of affairs: when he performs an amazing feat, he can get no satisfaction from it because the public and the Hero Association never give him credit for his achievements as a hero. Eventually you do feel really bad for the non-hero public who live in these cities (from “City A”-“City Z”) that are repeatedly invaded by monsters.

Recommended to fans of anime like Hunter x Hunter, One Punch Man features a cast of colorful characters and a world that gradually grows more complex.

There are also some fantastically funny moments when Saitama is thinking absentmindedly about food in the middle of what would otherwise be intensely serious battles.

This anime was lots of fun and has great potential with its characters’ backstories (like Sonic, an ultrafast ninja criminal), so I hope it will be renewed for more than 12 episodes in the future!

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Anime Rec: One Outs

Since I'm apparently on an anime kick recently and finishing up a few, let me present one of the most underrated anime I’ve found: One Outs.

It’s almost a sin to call this a baseball anime, though I suppose that is technically true. But it’s really a battle of psychological warfare with one ultra-cool antihero. The Lycaons are a professional baseball team who won the championship in distant memory but have recently been ranked last. Tokuchi Toua is a pitcher whose skill is not so much in pitching as it is in gambling and analyzing his opponents’ weaknesses. Discovered in a gambling den, Tokuchi arranges a special contract with the team where he gets paid for each out he provides—and pays them for each point he allows.

Tokuchi has what may be the coldest, most calculating eyes in anime. He’s a conceited nightmare: smoking and sleeping openly in the dugout, not bothering to practice, wearing his cap backwards, seemingly bored with everything—and yet he manages to unite his team behind him and be a true ace. I loved him instantly. It’s a delight to see everyone initially fail to take him seriously and then slowly come to realize what a grave mistake they’ve made in underestimating him. This is truly an anime of epic mind games: Tokuchi vs. everyone, and the enemies can come from anywhere, including within the team itself.

I’d recommend giving this anime at least three episodes to get going, because once the street gambling ends and the actual baseball begins, it’s engrossing and kept me guessing what clever maneuver Tokuchi would come up with next to thwart rival teams and even the owner of Tokuchi’s own team. After a while, I even started to like that stupid overbearing infodump narration. The problem with this anime, though, is its lack of character development (partially because we never get into Tokuchi’s head and only see him from an outsider’s perspective). But maybe it’s more fun that way, watching Tokuchi psychologically manipulate his opponents. I found myself laughing aloud at his cleverness and sheer audacity. Needless to say, I’d love a second season.

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Anime rec: Haikyuu!!

Volleyball anime! In junior high, prodigy volleyball spiker Hinata and “king of the court” master setter Kageyama are rivals on the court, only to find that in high school, they’re on the same team (Karasuno) and have to work together now.

I love the relationship between Hinata and Kageyama, with Kageyama’s mysterious past, and how everyone always underestimates Hinata, who’s short but can jump very high (“Hey, I’m here, too!”). They’re such a good duo, each filling a void for the other. The dynamics between them and the other team members are great, as well: intense at times but very funny.

This was the loveable sports anime with a strong relationship at its center that I was missing after the fantastic Ookiku Furikabatte (baseball) and Free (swimming).

Also recommended for those who like this sort of thing: Yowamushi Pedal (biking) and Diamond no Ace (baseball).

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Anime Rec: Love Stage!!

In this hysterical boys’ love anime, college student Izumi is the youngest member of the Sena show-biz family—the only member who is not interested in being in entertainment: awkward, with paralyzing stage fright. As a child, due to a casting emergency, Izumi ended up in a wedding commercial with his family and a little boy named Ryouma (Izumi played a girl and Ryouma played a boy), and now they’re reuniting for a 10th-year anniversary.

Like most anime in the BL genre, there is a disappointing undercurrent of homophobia—but unlike most, this anime has that at the beginning and then Ryouma accepts that he’s in love with a guy and that his feelings transcend gender. Like many BL anime, there is an assault scene—but unlike most, the perpetrator realizes what he’s done is deeply wrong and takes every step he can to sincerely apologize and undo the hurt he’s caused.

Both the leads are very appealing, and the supporting characters are all wonderful, as well: Izumi’s doting parents and wonderfully supportive brother, long-suffering manager, school friends, and manga crush (magical princess Lala-Lulu). Parts are exceptionally funny, like Izumi’s hopelessness at drawing manga. And I love the exploration that sex and relationships need work and aren’t always perfect on the first try.

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Anime Rec: Steins;Gate

College student Okabe Rintaru (alias Hououin Kyouma and voiced by my favorite seiyuu Mamoru Miyano, whose brilliant performance carries the show) is a self-styled mad scientist running a lab out of his apartment. One day, he and his friends realize that they have accidentally created a time machine out of their microwave by turning bananas into green goop.

While at first, this series is fun and silly, as it progresses and the butterfly-effect consequences start stacking up, it gets very dark indeed, with shady organizations and murder and PTSD.

By the end, I loved all the characters, and each has surprising depth and talents: Okabe the increasingly conflicted protagonist, Mayuri (the innocent cosplaying heart of the series), Daru the super-hacker, Kurisu the girl genius, Ruka who wishes he were born a girl, Suzu the part-timer who works downstairs, Moeka who only talks through texts, Feyris the cat-lady, Mr. Braun the landlord, and Nae (his daughter). Somehow the folks working on the particle collider at SERN are the bad guys.

But no matter how convoluted or intense the plot gets when they mess with different timelines, the focus is always on the characters’ relationships, and it will eventually become clear that it features one of the best love stories in anime ever.

Don’t forget to check out the accompanying movie Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà Vu.

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Anime Rec: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

In a world with magic, steampunk, and select modern technology, twelve-year-old Gon and his friends are determined to achieve various goals by becoming Hunters, for which they need to pass the fiendishly difficult and incredibly dangerous Hunter Exam.

This series is compulsively watchable and addicting, even at its length of 148 episodes, and it’s all in the characters: the idealistic but practical Gon, the wryly playful Killua, the scholarly and thoughtful Kurapika, and the impetuous Leorio. Side characters are given similar consideration and depth, like Hisoka the creepy “Joker” character and a ton of other “enemy” characters (like the Phantom Troupe, other Hunters, and even the Chimera Ants). Just finding out about characters’ specialized fighting abilities (through a power called “Nen”) is totally fascinating.

At first, you think this is a really happy series, full of fun and silly things where fights are easily won without any sacrifice on the protagonist’s part. And then little by little, some really seriously dark material starts to creep in, and you see how messed up this anime can get, with torture, murder, hypnotism, child abuse, insanity, imprisonment, genocide, and gladiatorial fights to the death. The art lulls you into a false sense of security that hides the dark themes to come.

However, the dark events are a double-edged sword for this anime, and my main complaint is that the anime does not treat the often devastating collateral damage to civilians or bystanders with as much gravitas and angst as it treats damage to the heroes and their loved ones. I never thought I’d be requesting characters to feel more overwhelming angst or guilt in my entertainment, but parts of this anime feel so strangely unreal without it. As I said before, the anime is chock-full of random acts of shocking violence, but they are only occasionally treated as such by any of the main characters.

Minor unnamed characters are constantly dying or being tortured in horrific ways. In one scene, an extra suddenly and without warning becomes a double-amputee for a minor infraction (he bumped against someone without apologizing), and not only is he never seen from again, none of the other characters present do anything more than basically shrug blithely and go back to their conversation. I found myself wondering, “Did that just happen?!”

I would compare this anime’s world-building to Fullmetal Alchemist, but I find it impossible to imagine FMA’s characters dealing with something like that in such a bland way—if Ed Elric saw an event like that, he’d be shocked to the core and angsting about it for months! So while Hunter x Hunter has the potential to really explore the depths of the human psyche, it too often squanders great opportunities in favor of simply moving the plot along.

That said, even with the darkness, the anime does have plenty of heart, with its main theme being the power of friendship and determination. Beware: the first few episodes are not great, so definitely give this one time to get going. Because it will. By the end of the last arc, I was stunned at the incredible journey I had just taken with these characters.

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Anime Review: DRAMAtical Murder

In a dystopian cyberpunk society, the streets are controlled by gangs with special tattoos who play Rhyme, a street cyber game. Aoba is not a member of any team, but instead has amnesia and intermittent migraines after a mysterious accident.

Aoba is surrounded by his grandmother and a team of hotties who seem to know more about him than he does, and everyone in Aoba’s life is protective of him, from the street gang leaders, his boss, his grandmother, to Ren, his cute “AllMate” companion puppy.

Ultimately, the worldbuilding and the homoerotic tension carry more weight than the plot, which feels aimless and confusing (like, 90% of the dialogue is characters saying each other’s names). But I enjoyed it anyway because the anime has such heart and is very sweet.

The anime is based on a BL (boys’ love) game/visual novel, but the anime is not explicitly gay, unfortunately.

Recommended for fans of Togainu no Chi (I reviewed that here), which was made in a similar way (based on a BL game made by the same company, Nitro+CHiRAL).

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Anime Review: Kuragehime / Princess Jellyfish

Tsukimi lives with four hardcore female nerds in a Tokyo apartment building that has decided no men will be allowed to live there. While out rescuing a jellyfish (her passion), Tsukimi meets up with a gorgeous guy, Kuranosuke, who likes to cross-dress (except she doesn’t know at first he’s a guy). She comes to the realization that “there are princesses in Tokyo: incredibly beautiful male princesses.” :)

This show delights in subverting the expected: instead, we get a politician who dotes on his cross-dressing nephew, a woman using date-rape drugs on men, a straight guy giving a group of women makeovers and fashion advice, and women who are obsessed with food (particularly meat). I loved Kuranosuke, who jump-starts Tsukimi’s life and starts to pull her out of her shell, and he looked hot wearing both traditionally male and female clothing.

However, maybe because this anime is so short (11 episodes), the ending is massively rushed and feels incomplete with several plot threads left open-ended, which is disappointing as there is no season 2 planned. :( Though apparently there is a live-action movie due out December 2014?

I watched this anime because I was looking for something like two of my favorites, Ouran High School Host Club and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower), and this anime was recommended for both. I suppose I’d tentatively agree, though I didn’t like Kuragehime nearly as much as the other two, but all three leading characters are sort of similar.

Both Tsukimi and Haruhi (from Ouran) have deceased mothers whom they talk to in their heads on occasion, updating them on their lives. In addition, neither of them like to dress up in traditionally feminine ways, much to the disappointment of the new gorgeous, protective prince figures in their lives (Kuranosuke and Tamaki), who are more concerned with image: both the boys like to cross-dress. And both Tsukimi and Sunako (from Wallflower) are obsessed with unusual passions (jellyfish and horror/gruesome gore) and quite shy when out of their element. So yeah, I see the similarities, but while it had its moments, Kuragehime was not nearly as engaging to me as the other two.

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Anime Rec: Yowamushi Pedal

Onoda is a nerdy otaku who plans on starting a school anime club until his natural talent for biking is discovered, and then he and his new friends Imaizumi and Naruko bond over a love of bike racing. I love the rivalry/friendship between Imaizumi and Naruko, how they’re determined not to lose to each other and yet are bound together by their mutual interest in taking care of Onoda. What an adorable trio: they work so well together. Onoda is completely loveable with his glasses and his “mommy bike” and his anime; I burst out laughing every time he sings his princess anime theme song (and the scene with Tadokoro in episode 33...oh my God, that was hysterical).

There is so much to love about this silly and fun anime: the comically overly-serious characters (“Abs!”), the humor (I really enjoyed the scenes after the credits on each episode), the bright and colorful art, the cute songs, the importance of friendship and teamwork, the strange and weirdly terrifying antagonists (Midousuji). But most of all, to quote the coach, the anime’s charm is how its protagonist represents “the fundamental joy of cycling.”

Can’t wait until season 2 of this anime comes out in October!

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Anime rec: Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun

In this reflective, often sweet, occasionally unsettling anime, friends Shino, Sousuke, and Hamaji are the sole survivors of a fire that destroyed their entire village—except that Shino and Sousuke had to meld their souls with animals in order to survive. Shino now has a god in the form of a demon crow (that can turn into a sword) living inside him, which prevents him from aging, and Sousuke can turn into a dog. Now working for the Church, the three of them travel to the capital to investigate demon-related crimes, and they keep having chance encounters with other people with similarly tragic backstories who also have spirits living inside them.

Clearly, the story here is a little hard to explain: the story takes a while to get going and is confusing once it does. To quote a character in the actual anime, “Jeez, I was already taken aback by that strange eyeball, and now there’s this Sacred Dog. The world is full of surprises.”

Regardless, I enjoyed this anime more and more as it went on (and especially into season 2) because the characters are the real draw here, particularly the two leads. Shino and Sousuke’s relationship is a mix between a married couple, brothers, parent-child, and best friends (who cuddle a lot). Another character remarks that Shino draws people “like a magnet,” and that certainly was the case for me. The characters are all beautiful, and I found they became more interesting the longer I knew them.

Of the ones I’ve seen so far, I found this anime was similar in theme and tone to Nabari no Ou and Kuroshitsuji. In all three, the main characters (Shino, Miharu, and Ciel) have a tragic backstory that leads to magical weapon (or contract, in Ciel’s case) living inside of them. This makes them the target of the antagonists, and because they are physically smaller, they need the help of protectors who travel around with them. All three anime have tantalizing undercurrents of shounen-ai as well.

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I’ve been on an anime kick recently and just finished this one.

Anime Rec: Karneval

In a fantastical futuristic society, a mysterious young boy named Nai is rescued from the clutches of a horrifying monster by Gareki, a thief from the gutter, and the two of them form a special bond. They get mixed up with a governmental organization called Circus, which is made up of people with supernatural powers who work to destroy monsters (called Varuga) like the one that imprisoned Nai—oh, and they also do circus performances in their spare time.

Nai is such a sweetie that you can’t help but be charmed, but Gareki is the main character who stole my heart. I also loved the relationship between Gareki and Yogi, the Circus member who is assigned with protecting Gareki and Nai (he’s voiced by my favorite seiyuu, Mamoru Miyano); together the three of them form a little traveling family unit. There’s also randomly a ton of adorable little creatures (the high performance rabbits, snowman, etc.).

This anime is short and has to cram a lot into thirteen episodes, so some questions are left unanswered, but it’s worth it for the little family of Yogi, Gareki, and Nai, and I felt satisfied at the end.

It also is one of those anime that reminded me of lots of others. The Varuga reminded me of the Homunculus-type creatures from Fullmetal Alchemist, as well as the strong bond between the two main characters, and in its tendency to go from bright and cheerful to very dark. And also of D-Gray Man with its innocent white-haired main character and his dark-haired protector. Then the cheery circus motif that hides darker elements reminded me of Deadman Wonderland (that one had the innocent white-haired, red-eyed child character as well).

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Anime Rec: Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan

In a horrifying alternate universe, humanity is on the brink of extinction due to unexplained gigantic “titans”—huge, mindless, zombie-like humanoids whose only goal appears to be eating humans. Humanity has managed to hang on by building a series of high concentric circular walls to keep the giants out and by training a special military force that uses gas canisters and aerial techniques to get high enough to try to kill the giants before they are eaten. There are still huge amounts of casualties in each battle.

If you enjoy dark and often depressing mecha-like anime with plenty of action, this one is worth seeing just for this impressive worldbuilding. The characters are interesting enough, though I would have appreciated more development. I was bored with the main character, Eren, but I was particularly fond of the many badass females, especially Eren’s adopted sister, Mikasa, and the morally ambiguous squadron leaders like Levi.

Other anime recs can be found here.

By the way, happy Canadian thanksgiving!
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I randomly discovered Saraiya Goyou / House of Five Leaves in a recommendation of slashy anime, and as it was only 12 episodes, I gave it a shot and enjoyed it.

Set in the Edo period in Japan (from 1603 to 1868), this anime is languid but nonetheless engrossing. As the title suggests, it focuses on a mysterious yakuza gang called the Five Leaves, whose members hang out in brothels and bars, drink lots of sake, and kidnap people for a living.

The gang’s leader is the cool and seemingly careless Yaichi, who hires an extremely mild-mannered and hesitant wandering samurai (ronin), Masanoskue, to be his bodyguard. Masa spends the anime learning about each of the four members (a former geisa, a bar owner, a former robber, and of course the enigmatic leader, Yaichi), and searching his own moral principles to determine whether or not he wants to become the “fifth leaf” of their gang.

The unusual art style is probably what makes this anime stand out most: the characters are all animated with very pointy noses and this horrible blankness in their eyes, as if to suggest a kind of existential emptiness, but it’s somewhat misleading, as most of the characters are quite emotional under their own particular moral structures.

The slow pace was almost too much for me at first, but I’m glad I stuck it out because I really loved Yaichi with his pale, constantly half-lidded eyes and mysterious backstory, and he has great chemistry with everyone (particularly Masa).

My full list of anime recs is here, if you’re interested.

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