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Spoiler-free thoughts about the new movie Captain America: Civil War! In short: really great!

It's from the same directors who made the excellent Captain America: the Winter Soldier (the Russo brothers), and it shows: in this superhero movie, the themes, characterizations, and motivations are both complex and subtle. The villain is especially great. The Russo brothers are also slated to direct the next two Avengers movies, so I'm happy about that.

The movie effectively explores some of the implications for the current state of global military affairs, like American intervention in foreign affairs and all of the collateral damage that ensues from "saving the world." The Vision character has very interesting statistics about the causality between the rise of super-powered heroes and the rise of super-powered villains (and the ensuing world chaos) that was explored well.

Also, Martin Freeman is in this movie (briefly)! He steals scenes as no-nonsense American interrogator Everett K. Ross.

Oh, and the slashiness here is off the charts. It's enough to make anyone ship Steve with Bucky (or Sam, or Natasha, or even Tony).

Very much recommended, as with The Winter Soldier.
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